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Hexbedded professional services team is dedicated to help our customers to get the most from their technology investments and achieve success with their design projects. Hexbedded has vast experience in developing embedded systems and automation within our company and our professional services team can identify and practically solve your problems.

Hexbedded has spent more than a decade in R & D driven Product Engineering Services and Electronic Product Design. We offer proven engineering excellence with all-encompassing capabilities in New Product Development, Product Engineering, Embedded System Design, Embedded Software Development, Application Software Development, PLC Automation, PCB Designing and All Communication Protocol establishing. This has enabled our customers in the field of Metering, Automotive, Telecom Networks, Medical Devices, Industrial Systems and Consumer Electronics to experience ascending business value.

Through a customer project, our expertise can be instrumental in helping you to understand the requirements and process involved in designing your product and then delivers a well-defined project on time and budget. We take the risk so you don't have to.